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The 3rd Marketing Trend for 2012 and Beyond Is...

My previous two posts shared marketing trends that will last beyond 2012. These "trends" are and will continue to shape the foundation of solid marketing strategies. The first trend emphasized the value of content and its role in connecting your message across channels. Last week I posted about the increased role mobile plays in marketing.  Today, I share the third marketing trend for 2012 and beyond which ties content and mobile together. Trend #3 is the power of engagement.  I've stressed the importance of engagement before, but there is a pressing need to truly realize how much it continues to influence.

Below is a portion of an infograhic from the site Social Media Today.

I took some time to think through each of the events mentioned in the infographic. The consistent element happens to be people. Yes, I know, people drive in social media. However, the sheer power of engagement drove people around the world to create urgency and change around:

  • software companies,
  • politics,
  • social causes,
  • and even music! Are you familiar with Korean music sensation Psy! Everyone is!!


These are only a few areas that are and will continue to be influenced by engagement. What does that mean for business as usual? Random emails pushing a message that may not be relevant for potential customers is not the way. Neither is posting random messages through various social media sites.

  1. We can no longer sit back and take for granted events that are happening.
  2. As marketers, we should be asking why people use certain mediums to express certain thoughts. The world of social media is only increasing in size. People choose certain sites to express particular views, as opposed to others for reasons we probably don't dwell on too often.  Going forward, we need to pay more attention to this. We need to ensure that we can have meaningful engagement vs. one-way communications with our audience.
  3. Engagement through our content, accessible through mobile devices and traditional methods alike, are the best ways to move forward. Ask what are people talking about? What are they trying to solve? Where? Then engage across platforms. Take advantage of the special ways you can do this via the platforms you use. The Fast Company Magazine app for the iPad continues to be one of my favorite apps because of the level of engagement it provides me. I use this for inspiration in my communications across the board.

My parting words to you? Make 2013 the year of understanding what real engagement means and how your audience can benefit from your effort towards it.

Happy almost 2013!


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