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Shift Happens

Shift most certainly does happen! March is almost here and not only am I aging, I'm also getting married! 2013 has gotten off to a fantastic, but chaotic start. Throw a case of pneumonia on top of that and it is truly a perfect storm of fun. Alas, the latter is a story is for another day. :-)

As I am knee deep in wedding planning with my fiance, we find we have been marketed to in every single way imaginable. Yes, as a marketer, I can appreciate this, but as a bride, I am also annoyed. Although efficiency makes me happy, automation is becoming the bane of my existence. If I receive another email about a photographer based in some other part of the country that will revolutionize our wedding, I might revolt. Our world has gotten so comfortable with the notion of automation, we no longer understand the benefit of double checking our data to make sure we have our facts straight. At the end of day, both data and personal touches should work together to build relationships. This is true for wedding planning as well as reaching out to prospective new clients.


One thing people consistently forget about social media is that it isn't an island. You can't just set up a Twitter account and routinely push out random bits of information. Actually, you can, but you'll end up missing the overall benefit.  Then you'll start muttering something to the effect of I don't understand it or it doesn't work. The key is to remember to link your online and offline efforts together and think of an exchange. So, definitely tweet, but also listen/read so you can have some conversations on Twitter. Take things a step further, and if appropriate, take conversations from Twitter to email, or even a phone call. Try it. You might like it.

Well, my fiance and I are almost there in terms of selecting all of the vendors we'll use for the wedding. The vendors we've chosen thus far have been consistent with their communication and earnest desire to help, without being too pushy. These are the same traits I try to project when it comes to contacting a prospect and existing customers both online and offline. I'll continue making that effort and hope you join me as well. :-)

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