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Quick Bites - Doing the Most with the Time You Have

In honor of the loss sleep I experienced today due to daylight savings, I decided to start posting Quick Bites.  These will be shorter posts highlighting tips and good habits to help us navigate through life more efficiently. Don't worry, I'll still share branding, communication, and marketing information.  It is just that I'm mildly miffed about losing an hour of sleep, and this post is helping me through that loss.  Actually, the lost hour inspired Quick Bites and reminded me that my to-do list is only getting longer, not shorter. Perhaps it isn't all that bad... :-) Below are a few things that help me manage myself. Feel free to share what works for you as well. There is no such thing as too many tips about being more efficient.

Set up your week

Establish a set time at the beginning of the week to plan. Keep it short so you can focus just on the week ahead. Perhaps find some time Sunday morning before you brunch. Make it about 30 minutes and determine the 3-5 things that you must absolutely complete.  Call this the must-do list and keep it in your planner or iPhone/Droid reminder app. This will help you focus as things pop up during the week.

Tap into the social verse each day

Twitter happens to keep me in the know about business and entertainment news throughout the day. However, at the beginning of each day, I visit Techmeme to learn about technology related items. I scan the site each morning. Not only do I learn the goings-on for the day, I also get inspiration for blog topics and learn valuable information that can benefit others.

Be ready, so you never have to get ready

Throughout the week, make sure you have a small notebook or your tablet handy. You never know when you'll come across information that may be useful to you. This approach will make it that much easier to remember items that should be added to your must-do list, or those requiring more attention later. Doing so prevents you from removing focus from the items you selected for the week.

What time management tips work best for you?

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