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Mobile, More Than Phones Now and Beyond!

Last week I referred to content as the fuel for your marketing. Trend #2 is mobile.  Think of mobile as a component of your marketing vehicle that is only going to become more integral to the health of your marketing efforts. You might be asking where I'm headed with these car analogies? Humor me for a bit.  Can you even imagine leaving your smart phone at home? If you are like me (and not too far away from home or stuck in traffic) you’ll turn back to get it. Why? My iPhone is my calendar, my phone, and my laptop away from my laptop. My apps allow me to get through everything from keeping up with social media and checking out which Foursquare deals are available to me, to banking and bill paying, to shopping, to managing my contacts and anything else in between. I'm not the only one who views my smart phone in this way. ExactTarget’s Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013, states “PC sales were outpaced by total smart phone sales starting in 2011"!

Mobile, both in smart phone (SMS and MMS) and tablet form, provides us access to information wherever we are.  Whether it be on the beach, a plane, during a vacation, or even standing in line -- we have the ability to connect online to anything we want. As individuals, this helps us accomplish what we need, wherever we are. If we think of this from the perspective of a business owner or marketer, do you really want to risk sending the wrong message by having a website not optimized or adequate for viewing on a smart phone or tablet? Gartner predicts “consumer spending on mobile apps stores and digital content will increase from $18 billion this year to $61 billion by 2016.” (ExactTarget’s Inspired Marketing Predictions for 2013) It sounds like it is worth everyone's while to invest in this channel.


Here are some tips to help you round out your marketing for next year.

  • Take the time to ensure your website is mobile friendly. Start by seeing what your site look like on various mobile platforms including Android and Apple. If you need to act, start your research here.
  • If you are a merchant, are you leveraging the power of apps and integrating your marketing efforts? Are you maximizing the benefit of SEO by making sure your company presence is incorporated where your existing and potential customers are searching?
  • When you think about your marketing efforts through emails, are your they created in a way that recognizes the reader may be accessing them through a smart phone?

Go forth and make mobile work for you. While you're at it, let me know any additional thoughts you have about mobile.

Reader Comments (2)

I couldn't agree with you more. A mobile presence is a must. I work for an ad agency. We've convinced our clients to create mobile site. Now I'm trying to figure out what next . Our clients want to drive attendance to live performances. What resources should I refer to for building innovative consumer friendly mobile sites?
December 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBklynshe
Thanks for your comment Bklynshe. I'm glad you've gotten your clients to think mobile. I mentioned the Entrepreneur Magazine ( article in the body of my post as a resource. That article mentions Wordpress and Squarespace platforms incorporate user experience elements that create a good mobile site.

For specific mobile elements, I came across this site: There are many practical suggestions including: to keep things simple, use features native to tablets and smartphones within your design, focus on conversion (people are on your site for a reason and may not have much time), and give your users the option to view mobile experience or the regular site experience. That last point allows your users to dictate the experience they wish. Let us know how things go and thanks again for your comment.

Happy Holidays!
December 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterErna

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