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Musings are my thoughts on social media, marketing, and other business topics as they relate to everyday life. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Politeness in some retail establishments is. . . 

as rare as the use of the Aramaic language in popular culture. Have you ever gone into a store or dealt with a vendor that actually wanted you to pay them for their time?  In other words, if they could submit a bill to you for the air they used to breathe while you spoke, they would. Or, have you ever received the assassin’s stare when you’ve asked a perfectly reasonable question? Listen, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but when your job is customer facing, the opportunities you have to share those bad days are seriously limited.

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Networking and nice people mix really well!

Some people enjoy networking and others look forward to it as much as their annual dentist appointment. Luckily for you, I’m the former. In fact, I’m always looking for new ways and places to network with people. Here’s why. We’re all short on time, but anxious for results. I enjoy meeting people with similar or complementary mindsets because sooner or later, I know we will cross each other’s path. It is much better to meet them sooner than later!

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When technology attacks . . .

One of my fears, up to this day, is a PowerPoint presentation mishap. I sometimes have nightmares about my PowerPoint presentation disappearing, freezing, or automatically launching into a rotating stream of opening and closing other applications on my computer while I watch helplessly.

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