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Musings are my thoughts on social media, marketing, and other business topics as they relate to everyday life. Feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Networking advice - part one

When people ask me for networking advice, I often see a pained expression and pleading eyes which whisper please don't make me. This is often because people think networking is just an unabashed attempt of getting something from someone without their overt knowledge. For the most part, I'm asked about networking when there is a need. I need to find a new job. How do I network? I'm thinking of switching to a different industry. Do you know anyone I can network with for help? I want to meet this person, how can I network with them?

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Destination social media, but where is that?

Happy New Year folks!! With our new year, we get to enjoy even more social media outlets! There are so many social media sites these days, it is pretty hard to keep up with what each one actually does. You've got the sites which integrate multiple types of media such as Tumblr. Then you have your social bookmarking sites such as Digg and now Reddit, in addition to the mainstays of Facebook, Twitter. Don't forget all the blogs we read. What does it all mean to the average bear? Such pressure!! Do we have to be everywhere at the same time?

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A little something different

I consider Thanksgiving the kickoff to the holiday season. Actually, let me restate. “Friendsgiving” is the kickoff to the holiday season.

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