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3 Marketing Trends Which are Here to Stay for 2012 and Beyond

Amidst all the frenzy of holiday shopping and parties are television segments recapping the best, worst, or weirdest events of the year 2012. The same occurs on the Internet. Everything from world events to pop culture is fair game. In the case of business news, a special phenomenon befalls us.  The 2013 prediction lists will take the stage in the rotation of year-end segments.  To share in this tradition, I'll highlight three predictions from last year's marketing trends that will continue into 2013.

Trend #1 - Content

Content is the gasoline for your marketing vehicle. It fuels your marketing endeavors by communicating your value, which speaks volumes about your product/service. Make sure you keep your marketing vehicle fueled with the highest quality content possible. Unlike regular unleaded gasoline, your content has to be as premium as possible because it reflects your brand and holds the potential to keep your audience engaged.

Remember, at the end of the day, people want: ideas, research, and answers to their challenges.  Depending on your goal, you can focus your content on a particular theme or topic to do just that.  Not only will you address the concerns of your audience through relevant information, you could also engage them through a dialogue and provide more value. Who knows, you may even end up with a new customer!  Your existing customers also benefit, especially if you maximize your ability to leverage (re-purpose) your content across multiple channels and touch points. 


Your goal should be to provide a reason for your audience to continue engaging with you.

  • Use your content wisely.
  • Don't recreate the wheel. After you create a piece of content, think about the different places you would like it to appear and what that could mean for your audience.
  • Place relevant information in the channels your customers frequent the most.  Make sure the presentation and tone of your content meets the needs of each channel. 
  • Keep track of those who respond to each channel to continue refining your process.
  • Measure your progress and repeat the process.

Next week, I'll share Trend #2. In the meantime,  share if you've modified your views on what content can do for your marketing strategy.

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