"Erna has the remarkable ability to be a driving force without taking control of your vision. Her approach allows you to achieve your goals without it feeling forced or rushed."

-- Maria, Content Consultant, Your Words in Motion, Cambridge, MA

"Erna is a pleasure to work with and a good listener - her ability to problem solve and overcome obstacles is impressive. She has a vast knowledge of website development, search, and the use of social media for marketing and web-based business growth."

-- Alan, Author/Researcher, Boston, MA

"Erna, I find that you have a wonderful skill in helping people realize their potential.  You are like a lens.  I don’t always know my full potential until you force me to see myself through your own vision."

--- Martine, Creator of Beyond Boston Chic Fashion, Boston's first Street Style Blog, Boston, MA


Welcome to U*Realized!

We all get those ah-ha moments in life. Sometimes they turn into full-fledged ideas that we don't pursue. Sometimes other people pursue them, and sometimes we take the plunge to explore them ourselves. U*Realized is about allowing each person to indulge in the art and implementation of an idea. It is a call to action for everyone who wants to take the next step with their business or career. 

I started this company with the belief that the right marketing strategy and coaching will turn a seedling of an idea into true opportunities. In addition to my desire to help you succeed, I bring:

  • 14+ years of experience, spanning multiple startups and Fortune 500 companies
  • A Masters in Business Administration, with a focus on strategy and marketing
  • The strategic perspective on what it takes to build a successful brand

Together, we'll ignite a spark that provides you the support, tools and leadership to create a well-formulated strategy.  Before you know it, you will realize a solid foundation to implement your idea or growth strategy.  Take a chance on yourself for success - I'll be there to help!

-- Erna Alfred Liousas